HO GALLERY präsentiert Petra von Katzinyan (© Katzinyan)

escape_(after_pere__2e371fc fresh_ripe_fruit_(a_2e371fe narcissus_(after_ge_2e37200
Escape (After Pere Borrell del Caso)_100 x 80 cm_acrylic on canvas_2014.jpg Fresh Ripe Fruit (After Caravaggio)_acrylic and liquid chalk on canvas_100 x 100 cm_2014.JPG Narcissus (After Gerald van der Kuijl)_120 x 110 cm_acrylic on canvas_2014.jpg
the_followers_(afte_2e37202 the_self_(after_cou_2e37204 a_private_venus_(af_2e371fa
The Followers (After Velàzquez)_120 x 130 cm_acrylic and liquid chalk on canvas_2014.jpg The Self (After Courbet)_80 x 100 cm_acrylic + liquid chalk on canvas_2014.JPG A Private Venus (After Botticelli)_130 x 100 cm_acrylic and liquid chalk on canvas_2014.jpg

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